Meet Jack

Jackson is a 21 year old with autism and is a graduate of Parkway West High School. He began volunteering at age 15 at More than Coffee to gain employment, social, and independent living skills. He has gone on to get vocational training with Teens in Motion, Schnucks, Goodwill, and now Bethesda Meadows. He has been working hard over the past few years and has made significant improvements, far surpassing expectations!

Jack is absolutely passionate about baking! Making this granola in large batches to give to friends, family, support staff, and teachers has been a tradition since he was a small child. It evolved into his own little project where he made his  fresh, all natural Granola to sell at More than Coffee and later his business expanded to several community establishments. This has been such a confidence builder for him and has fostered his independence. He is so proud when repeat Granola customers return and tell him how much they love his product! His project was put on hiatus during the pandemic and we are excited to announce that he is reviving his little business! We can’t wait to share his gifts with you!

The Granola

Our all natural granola is baked with love and quality ingredients that are Gluten friendly! Our recipe has been perfected over the years and is receiving rave reviews! We will soon be selling online and at local events and markets. More info to come soon.

Why the name “Jack’s Extreme”

Sam Malek started “More than Coffee” in 2003 from a personal mission to serve children with special needs.  MTC has been operating out of the current location since 2007 with a focus on providing job training to those challenged physically and developmentally.  Over the years, MTC has helped more than 90 individuals obtain gainful employment in our community. In 2008, the television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recognized and honored Sam’s efforts by renovating the shop.  Please see season 6, November 8, 2008, Episode 607 for the dramatic and emotional transformation!  From that monumental occasion, the non for profit Extreme St. Louis Charitable Foundation was born! It now funds the day to day operations of this local valuable construct to help children and young adults with special needs achieve their employment goals

Jackson started volunteering at More Than Coffee in 2017 where he learned important job skills and made significant improvements in self-sufficiency, task management, and social interaction.  When he gifted Sam, Lois, and his coworkers his yummy granola that he and his mom traditionally made each year, the idea to make it routinely and sell it at the shop took off!  Because all of this was made possible with the support of Extreme St. Louis Charitable Foundation, we naturally adopted “Jack’s Extreme” as our moniker!

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